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You can build links in a huge number of ways. But the best, highest-quality backlinks require you to do blogger outreach at least to some degree. And today’s article is all about link building strategies to help you sore more of those juicy links through outreach.

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To get started, let’s discuss the most commonly used tactic to build the most valuable links from larger resources.

Guest Blogging

By guest blogging on other websites and guest blogging services platforms, not only are you able to receive high-authority backlinks from sites with a lot of traffic, but you’re also putting your content in front of a new audience. 

Consider it a transaction of sorts: you offer a piece of solid content that will engage with the other blogger’s audience in exchange for a link back to your own free article submission sites

The only downside to guest blogging is the fact that writing individual articles for each link built can be quite time-consuming, but the pros greatly outweigh the cons, especially if you guest blog on bigger resources. 

Broken Link Building

Sometimes pages get moved, URLs changed and some content straight up deleted, which causes a 404 error on every site that links to that page. And by finding such errors on websites in your own niche, you’ll be able to find quite a few link building opportunities.

If that link used to point to content on the same topic as yours, you can offer the site owner to fill the gap created by the 404 with your own article. 

You can use a tool like the Moz Link Explorer to view the backlink profile of any site and reveal opportunities for building some of your own links.

Snatching Links from Inferior Content

If, while running a backlink audit on any site you notice that it’s linking to a post on the same topic as yours but shorter, less informative or in any other way worse than your own, then it’s a link building opportunity as well, and a pretty good one. 

So, what you do is, once again, contact the owner of that website and let them know that you have a much better replacement for the article that they’re currently linking to. Be sure to make it clear how exactly your post is better (longer, more accurate information, etc.) and how it will be more valuable for them to link to you instead.

Unlinked Mentions

Sometimes your website or brand gets mentioned on other resources, without a link attached to that mention. This is probably the lowest-hanging link building opportunities out there since that backlink is already halfway in your pocket.

All you have to really do is ask to turn that unlinked mention into a proper link and there’s almost a 100% chance that the website owner will actually do it. 

Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is essentially broken link building but with a little twist. The twist being that the site owner has edited or completely removed the page that had a link to your site in it.

You can reclaim that link if it still fits organically into their page after whatever they’ve done to it. Again, talk to the site owner and ask if you could get that link back. Just don’t be pushy and make sure there’s still a place for it on their site first.

Write Strong, Engaging Pitches

Before we wrap up, I would like to stress the importance of investing your time with assignment help in writing solid link pitches. I won’t get into too much more detail here to keep it short and relatively beginner-friendly, but I highly advise that you take a look at this guide by Quicksprout to learn more about crafting winning link pitches for each of your link building strategies.

Hopefully, you found my article useful, and good luck with your link building campaign!

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