In this day and age, the choices for some of the best smartphones are quite broad and you would have to properly know about each specification to really choose the one that is perfect for your use. Google pixel 3A is one of the better smartphones that you can use in this generation. Coupled with both a long-lasting battery and good camera quality is what makes this particular phone one of the best. Despite these issues, the smart phone is affordable and easy to repair. The software of this amazing smart phonies pure android app development with a few extra benefits that you can take advantage of. Despite all these benefits, Google pixel 3A, like all other smartphones is not immune to screen damage. A fall or a slip of the hand can land you in a scuffle wondering about the cost of repairing your Pixels screen. Here are a few things you should know about Pixel 3A repair:

Warranty repair:

If you have recently bought our google pixel then you must know that all new google pixels are covered by Google’s warranty repair. This warranty will last for 12 months after purchase and covers any malfunctions or defects that your device may be facing. However, screen damage does not fall into these categories. If you do believe that your screen was damaged by a manufacturing defect or during delivery you can make your case to Google. If not, you will need to pay for the repair.

Google preferred Care:

If you did consider google preferred care then your repair costs may range from 29$ to 129$. Taking it to a walk-in center is better than mailing it to one as a walk-in center will offer you a 50$ discount. With Google preferred care, it might cost you around 89$ for pixel 3a repair.

Carrier insurance:

With the Verizon total mobile protection, you will be able to fix an unlimited cracked screen repairs for a mere 29$. However, this offer is only valid if you are paying the 15$ subscription on a monthly basis. T-Mobile protection 360 is another such insurance that costs around 12$ per month for Pixel 3a models and 14$ for Pixel 3 models. The cracked screen that is deductible is around 99$. Sprint Complete has a 15$ per month subscription and can cover damages in 29$. AT&T does not sell any google Pixel phones and therefore does not offer any insurance.

Professional Google Pixel repair:

The professional Google pixel screen repair will vary according to the shop that you visit. However, you can expect to pay around 99$ to 280$ for professional repair service. It is probably a good idea to look around to find the best deals for pixel 3a repair. You can also always go for a DIY repair of Google pixel. The DIY repair might cost you around 40$ to 220$ depending on the intensity of damage to your phone, However, this is a high-risk option that you should mostly avoid.

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